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Being of Light Training (BOLT) is a Comprehensive Transformational Seminar. All tools and techniques given have proven to manifest huge shifts in awareness.

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Advanced Training workshops are offered every 3 months to BOLT graduates. The topics are ever changing and based on inspired information. Each workshop is 5 hours in length spanning over 3 weeks…two 2-hour events followed by a 1-hour recap event.

These events are extremely intensive in nature as they are related directly to current global energy and transformation. As a planet, we are in great turmoil as we shift our energetic position from the 3rd Dimension to the 4th Dimension. It is imperative that we as Beings of Light, give our focus and attention to the areas of energetic creation in order to assist in our Global transition.

In doing so, the personal benefit received from each class experience begins an energetic continuum that flows outward to all of those around us.

Upcoming Start Dates for 2018
Classes to begin the weeks of March 6, June 5, and Sept 4.
Start dates are approximate & determined by group.

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$99.00, $115.00, $129.00


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