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Mind Blowing

“This 'training' has been mind blowing, life changing, and incredibly rewarding. I feel freer than I ever have. I am trusting in myself and the Universe, and I am thrilled to see what's right around the corner! The challenging times are not as challenging as before, and I move through them incredibly quickly. Old patterns are coming up to be released and changed and it is amazing work! I feel more confident, stronger, and am happy and joyous living in light and love. I certainly have had my times of struggle in the past month, but it was different having the support, and trust in the group, myself, my guides, and the universe.”


Thank You All For Everything

“There have been numerous changes and much resetting to my place of truth. I have learned to understand my power. I now know power can be gentle and loving. I have shifted to love and acceptance of myself, all facets of me, resulting in renewed trust in myself and the universe. I know everything is perfect and choose to stay clear and open through my shifts. I trust I know what to do. Thank you all for everything u have done to help and support me through this journey”.



“Being of Light Training goes far beyond verbal description. It dives deep into the world of unlimited energy. This class has shifted my entire life on so many level. Lauri Cloud is a precious soul who has the ability to unlock the tools we already hold within ourselves. Being of Light is not just about healing.. It's about releasing all that no longer serves the soul & accessing your true potential. Through this training I have remembered that anything is possible. I have entered a space where I think with my heart. I am eternally grateful for the experience of Being Of Light. My life has aligned with the path of unconditional love thanks to Laurie's guidance. I now own my divine power & know am the creator of my world. Being of light training is a course of embracing the ever expansive universe & all it has to offer us.”


Feel Better

“Because of the BOL Training, I now experience UNENDING JOY. The lifelong journey to truth, my truth, to become a more authentic person, to keep evolving as a human on this Spiritual journey, is constant.  I am more consistently connected to Spirit. What I love the most is the practical tools Lauri teaches us.... daily, simple methods to 'tap in' to the Higher Power that lives through us.  I let go of the ‘Junk’ of life, judgment, fear, attachment…so I have more energy for my purpose. I feel better than I have in….forever!”


Fantastic Experience

“Being of Light Training is the most fantastic experience I have ever had. The training stays with you…I know I have changed and will NEVER go back to the behaviors that kept me in patterns that were NOT in my Highest and Best good. Thanks Lauri for listening to the guidance to begin offering the BOL training.”


Most Profound Change

“The most profound change I noticed since starting BOLT is I am able to handle stressful situations much, much easier. I find learning to come from a more observing position rather than an emotionally involved one, creates a clarity and calming within me. I also find I am not as consumed with worry as before."


Empowered Me

“Being of Light Training has empowered me to create, recognize, and choose opportunities. I feel more aware of and less controlled by my thoughts, emotions, and motivations.  Thanks Lauri!” 🙂


Lauri is a true gift!

Working with Lauri has been a wonderful experience for me. I have taken classes with Lauri for quite a while now, and have had the remarkable experience of having my life become so much more enjoyable. Lauri has not only helped me grow spiritually, but she has also helped me make huge positive shifts in my emotional life. She has taught me how to navigate my emotions spiritually, and this has helped me to relate much better to my physical body as well. Working with Lauri is a true gift, she is an amazing spirit and a wonderful person. She is so gifted in helping people evolve and transform. Lauri is a true gift!

Melissa O

The gifts are priceless

Lauri's classes have been truly transformational. Lauri has a depth and innate ability to tap in and focus on areas that require alignment and to allow each person to be the best they can be. With her deep unconditional love for people; she truly exhibits qualities that embrace humankind in a way that is all from her heart. She takes time with each participant and will help guide, at all times, each person to step thru their blocks. The gifts are priceless; transformational to the depths we are willing to go.

Kim B

Amazing Changes

I have loved the Being of Light training. The support has been extensive throughout. The amazing changes that have taken place within myself are innumerable. I could go on and on about this course but, in a nutshell, I have grown completely out of worry and fear (which was all consuming) and have learned the simplicity of creating what I want and need. The course has taught me to operate in higher dimensions where miracles can take place. I have referred many to this course.

Sara S

Effective Tools

The Advanced Being of Light Training gave me effective tools to identify and release what doesn't serve me, to open up to receive my gifts from the universe, and to create the authentic life that I choose to experience. Lauri has helped me to elevate my consciousness beyond ego and three-dimensional awareness, to tap into unlimited source energy, and to find my true purpose.

Steve R

Universal Love

Before Bolt, I always felt, I was living my life in a bowl of sticky rice. I would be merrily going my way and then wham blam something would become stuck and I would be thrown off kilter. The training has given me many tools. One of which is choice. Now I am no longer a victim of circumstance, I can choose to live in my bowl of sticky rice and choose not to be impacted by all that swirls around me... or I can choose to rise above the goo, floating on top like a merrachino cherry.

Today I view my world from a completely different frame work... one based in understanding, compassion and love. The biggest gift I have gained by participating in this course, is this understanding of choice. I have recognize and experienced the power of choice... it let's me respond to events and enables me to create a world that is a marvel to be in...

A second amazing gift is the freedom from judgment. For me judgment is a vice around my heart, a weight tying me to the ills of this world. Working with tools presented in the Bolt curriculum has enabled me to lessen judgment's choke hold, thus I have more personal energy, able to harness my own personal power and stand in a space of universal love.

Barbara L

Thanks For All

The following teaching is what I am able to best utilize from my Bolt Classes.
First on my list and most often used in my day to day life, is the lesson that “all is in perfect order”. It is a big lesson for me. It is transformed a previous argument within me...what in the world is all the confusion and hatred about.

Also, I had never thought much about nor truly believed that Angels exist, at least on our plane of experience. I am very much a Virgo and Earth oriented…Angels belonged in Fairy Tales not in our earthly lives! During one of Lauri’s Monday night open calls, I shifted my belief and now see Angels and Angelic kindness almost every day from ordinary Humans I encounter.

Sometimes I thank a kind person for their thoughtful gestures and quietly say that they are one of those angels, their response is always a look of surprise, a soft smile and a shift in their energy to a physical gentleness...and always that surprised soft smile. Even big tough looking men become soft and gentle.

I am so pleased that Compassion, for those around us, was also taught in the class…so often we go through life forgetting that we all have tough times and do not always respond in effective ways. Compassion came to me through some tough earlier life experiences. I learned on my own that being gentle and understanding with those who are struggling with issues is much better for those concerned and ever so easier on me. Thanks for the compassion lessons in the classes.

The meditations during our weekly calls have been helpful for me. And the meditations given very early in our training classes have been used on a permanent basis. I have them recorded on my MP3 player.
Thanks for all

Sharon A

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